Vulnerability Report 

A fix for your
online security

Ensure Security

From small to critical, every flaw in your logic adds a crack in security that can be exploited by hackers. It is our mission to help developers and businesses identify these mistakes that cost businesses a lot of money.

Detailed report outlining what security bugs are currently within a website and what other gaps may exist. The report will give a comprehensive breakdown of how to find and reproduce the vulnerability in order for it to be fixed.

Vulnerability Report 

What We Do

Vulnerability assessment

We thoroughly audit websites to identify all weaknesses, existing bugs and probable areas of future attacks. Through a series of tests of both manual and software testing, all possible security threats are considered.

Web, Android and API security

We identify vulnerabilities within Application Programming Interfaces. These include encryption errors, logic flaws and weak authentications.

Vulnerability fixing

We can provide a series of suggestions for solutions to fix the gaps and weaknesses within a system.

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